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Product Features Include:

SiteBuilder Features

With Instant SiteBuilder Pro you can sell products and take payment over the internet. Creating an online shop has never been easier, you can easily set-up and design your store in any way you wish. An E-Shop is a great way to start earning money via the internet.

Photo Gallery
The photo gallery feature allows you to store and organise your pictures via your website. Once uploaded the Instant SiteBuilder will automatically format your pictures and generate thumbnail previews to be displayed on your website.

With Instant SiteBuilder you can set up a simple blog within minutes! Simply give it a name, start typing and click publish. The built in comments function allows you to interact with your readers and receive feedback.

Instant SiteBuilder Pro comes with an in built forum wizard which makes it easy for you to community forums. Forums are a great way to interact with your visitors and allow them to interact with eachother. You can choose from a number of different themes and keep track of how many visitors are logging into your forums.

Instant SiteBuilder provides an easy way for you to see how many visitors your website is receiving. The counter function can be added to any Instant Sitebuilder website with only a few clicks.

Script Editor
You may include snippets of HTML and Javascript within your website using this feature. This allows you to include dynamic content and gives you complete flexibility with the design.

Feedback Forms
Want to find out what people think of your website? Our Instant SiteBuilder package allows for the easy addition of feedback / comment forms. Your email address will remain anonymous so you need not worry about spam attacks.

You can add your own personalised guestbook to your website. You can customise how you want it to look and how long the comments in it should last. A guestbook is a great way to stay in touch with your websites visitors.

Running polls with Instant SiteBuilder is easy, enter the poll title, set the options and off you go. Participants can view the results of the poll on your website in the form of a bar graph.

RSS Reader
Instant SiteBuilder's built in RSS reader allows you to include content from other websites. This means you can keep your website looking active with dynamically changing content.

E-Mail Features

Personalized E-Mail
With a personalized e-mail address, you can use an email address that appears as follows [email protected] to conduct your business.

10 Email accounts (upgradable)
Each email account provided allows users to create personalised email addresses at their domain name and send/receive email from that account via the web or via their own email client such as Windows Mail, MS Outlook and MacMail.

Email forwards
Email Forwarders allow you to continue using an existing email account (e.g. an account provided by your Internet Service Provider or a Freemail account like hotmail or yahoo mail to recieve email sent to your domain name.

Webmail provides a way of checking your email over the Web from anywhere in the world. You can use Webmail to simply check your e-mail while you are on the road, or as a complete replacement to your off-line email client.


With our Auto-responder service you can respond to incoming emails automatically without needing to be at a computer. Ideal if you are going on holiday and want to inform anyone who emails you that you will not be accessing your mailbox for a while.

Anti-spam filter
The anti-spam filter effectively indentifies suspicious e-mails and filters these messages to automatically be deleted, or to be placed in a special folder for later review.

Hosting Features

Plesk Control Panel
Plesk control panel automates a large number of tasks that allow service providers to reduce operating costs and resources while at the same time increasing profitability, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Diskspace refers to the amount of space that has been allocated to your hosting account. Our standard package provides 500MB of diskspace which is more than sufficient even for large sites. Customers requiring additional diskspace should contact our sales department for upgrade options.

FTP stands for file transfer potocol. It is a service that gives you direct access to where your website files are hosted. FTP can be used for the uploading, downloading and editing of website files.

Web Stats
Web Statistics are generated from the web server log files for your hosted domain name. They give you highly detailed usage reports in a user friendly HTML/graphical format rather than just raw data, which you can view with a standard web browser.

Uptime guarantee
Thanks to our multiple redundant internet connections and network components we are confident enough to guarantee that our network will be available 99.9% of the time, excluding scheduled maintenance.

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