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CorporationCentre.ca provides small business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs with affordable, timely and convenient corporate services.

Every order receives personal attention.

CorporationCentre.ca’ team of specialists will treat your business with the utmost care where every order is important. Full client support is available by phone or the Internet.

People power combined with advanced technology.

The dependability of old-fashioned customer care combined with the power of today's technology means affordable rates and a high level of customer satisfaction. The convenience of a Web-focused approach and the personal care of real people make CorporationCentre.ca’ services efficient and highly personalized.

We give our customers more time and peace-of-mind by going beyond the industry standard, performing comprehensive corporate services with fair rates, no hidden charges and real government filing fees.

CorporationCentre.ca offers great resources

At our Web site, you can get an instant quote for products and services online, explore free information on how and where to incorporate your business, how to select an effective trademark, create your own contracts and more.

CorporationCentre.ca offers superb post-sales support.

Our commitment to our customers does not stop after their order. Also, we have a dependable network of experienced business partners that includes logo designers, accounting firms, financing services, Web site hosting and other services typically needed by small business owners.

Don’t take our word for it, read what our customers say about us!

Read the customer testimonials on our Web site and you'll see that the customer is always top priority. We have an established reputation for providing corporate services in a professional and trusted manner.


Co-Founder and Chairman


A senior partner of a successful and dynamic Montreal law firm, Howard specializes in business and technology law. Howard has helped distinguish his law firm from others by successfully implementing within his firm a forward-looking environment that is responsive to the changing demands of a global high-tech marketplace. Howard counts among his own clients several high-profile companies which he had helped raise and incubate from start-up to publicly traded status.

Howard lends to CorporationCentre.ca special business acumen with his extensive knowledge and resources gained through his involvement with a legal products business, namely Legal-Ease Forms Inc. Howard was instrumental in conceiving and implementing the idea of selling and distributing standard legal form contracts through several major national retailers, including Staples, PriceCostco, and Chapters.

Howard holds common law and civil law degrees from McGill University. He also holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the same university, and is a member of the Quebec Bar Association.

President and CEO


With a unique background in the legal and IT industry, Lionel Perez has been vital in launching CorporationCentre.ca. Lionel currently oversees operations and business development. An attorney, Lionel was responsible of ensuring that CorporationCentre.ca’ technology, products and services comply with the legislative requirements of all Canadian jurisdictions.

Prior to CorporationCentre.ca, Lionel practiced corporate, commercial and information technology law with a technology law firm servicing Internet start-ups and publicly traded corporations. Lionel has also been instrumental in the business development of an Internet-based human resource consulting firm specializing in the information technology, telecommunication and multimedia industries.

Lionel holds a common law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto and a civil law degree from the Université de Montréal. He also holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University, and is a member of the Quebec Bar Association.