Corporate Supplies offers corporate supplies to help you effectively organize and maintain your corporate legal documents for your business or non-profit corporation.

A corporation is legally required to maintain records of important corporate documents (its certificate of incorporation or letters patent, articles of incorporation, by-laws, unanimous shareholders agreement, minutes of meetings and resolutions of the shareholders, among other information). In some jurisdictions, a corporation that fails to comply with this obligation may be found guilty of an offence and liable to pay a fine. These records are typically kept in what is called a “Minute Book”.


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Minute Book

A corporate minute book holds all your important corporate documents, such as articles of incorporation, shareholder and director meeting minutes, tax filings, share certificates, by-laws and other legal documents, in one convenient registry. It is generally advisable to acquire such a Minute Book at the time of incorporation. minute books are premium law firm quality 3-ring binders with a hard cover and slip case. It includes personalization of your corporate name on the spine on a brass finished plaque, corporate dividers and ledgers. It is highly recommended to have a corporate minute book upon incorporation of a business or non-profit organization.

Corporate Seal

While having a corporate seal is no longer a legal requirement for a corporation, many corporations choose to emboss their legal documents with their corporate name. As well, some banks may require agreements with your corporation be officially sealed. offers the MarkMaker embosser seal. This award winning embosser seal is made of top-grade resins and is easy and comfortable to use. Please note that the corporate seal may be shipped separately.

Corporate Kit

Maintaining your corporate documents is vital to ensure that your corporation maintain its good standing and benefit from the advantages of incorporation. The Corporate Kit (Minute Book and Corporate Seal together) provides you with everything necessary to keep your corporation organized and your corporate documents secure. Corporate Kit provides you with an organized and safe place to store your corporate documents. Each Corporate Kit includes a leatherette burgundy premium law-firm quality 3-ring minute book binder with a hard cover with slip case, personalization of your corporate name on the spine on a brass finished plaque, corporate dividers and ledgers. It also comes with a corporate seal/embosser with your company's name and year of filing, and 20 customized corporate share certificates.

Share Certificate Sheets

Share certificates are legal documents certifying ownership of a specific number of shares (or stock) in a corporation. Shares are issued by the board of directors of the corporation. Once shares have been issued, the shareholder is entitled to a share certificate stating the number and class of shares issued to the shareholder. share certificate sheets are individual blank share certificate sheets of quality cotton-blend in colour.